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    Flag description three equal horizontal bands of red top , white, and black the Takbir Arabic expression meaning “God is great” in green Arabic script is centered in the white band the band colors derive from the Arab Liberation flag and represent oppression black , overcome through bloody struggle red , to be replaced by a bright .

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    The modern Israeli Hebrew definition of Sephardi is a much broader, religious based, definition that generally excludes ethnic considerations.In its most basic form, this broad religious definition of a Sephardi refers to any Jew, of any ethnic background, who follows the customs and traditions of Sepharad..

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    Salam alikoum, Les dou’as on peut les faire n’importe quel moment de la journ e, pas uniquement apr s une pri re, Allah aime que Son serviteur l’invoque, Il a dit ce sujet invoquez moi et je vous exaucerai .

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Image Result For Takbir Definition Of Takbir By The Free Dictionary

Image Result For Takbir Definition Of Takbir By The Free Dictionary